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Where do you stand?

How is your business doing? You’re not alone if you don’t know the details. Starting from the bottoms up let’s see exactly where you’re at, and identify quick wins for improvement.


Where do you want to go?

Take the guesswork out of growth. Let’s map out a plan. Uncovering areas for savings and opportunities for operational efficiency will allow you to decide the right path.


Be in control

With guesswork out of where you stand and having a plan for growth, you’re more free to do what you do best and love, while growing the business.

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Small Business Facts

Numbers You Should Know

60%: Not Confident

60% of Small Business Owners Aren’t Confident In Finance & Accounting.

50%: Five Years

Half of all small businesses survive five years. 

82%: Cash Flow

82% of businesses that failed cited cash flow problems as a factor in their failure.

I am not a Bookkeeper or Accountant

I have Specialized Skills to Help Your Business

Growth Focussed Financial Planning & Analysis

My 10,000+ hours of honing financial planning and analysis skills can help take your business goals and profits to the next level.

Clarity and Peace of mind

I will help ensure that you're staying the course to achieve results and offer insight on what should be tweaked, changed or developed.

Freedom for You

I will take the guesswork out of how things are going, freeing you up to do what you do best and love to do.



I started this with the idea to help the mavericks, the people like you, who have a vision and made it happen by starting their own business. Besides having the weight of you and your family’s livelihood on your shoulders you have the weight of employees and customers, making sure week after week you’re making payroll and delivering on promises. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night wondering what cash flow will look like next month, and realizing you don’t have a crystal-clear picture. Winging it, hoping for the best? That won’t cut it in the long run. Planning and understanding numbers is vital for survival, for growth, for success. I want to make sure your business grows and expands, to ensure its health and prosperity. And I’ll do an exceptional job in doing so because I’ll know you personally and the challenges you face. I’ll be on your team, out on the field wanting to win, not just sitting on the sidelines. In owning a business there are many things that will keep you up in the middle of the night. I’m here to make sure that understanding where you are financially and having a plan to grow is not one of those things.

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