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Kevin Cook

Specialized Skills

I have a specialized set of skills, different from an accountant, different from a bookkeeper, that are necessary for your business to survive and thrive.

I’ve developed these skills through a unique background that you won’t find in most analysts, coaches, consultants, accountants, controllers or bookkeepers.

Being a part of the corporate finance world for over a decade, I learned the best practices, tactics, tools and strategies of big business.

Working for a small business for years, I learned the intricacies and pains of small business financial planning and daily operations.

Having been a business founder and operator as well, I have experienced firsthand the fears, stresses, and the constant hard work necessary to succeed.

The combination of these experiences, as well as my formal business education studying economics and earning my MBA, have honed my skills that are uniquely positioned to help small to mid-sized business owners such as yourself.

Corporate Training

As a finance manager working with the highest levels of corporate leadership, it has been my job to provide accurate, insightful, and specialized analysis, assisting in decisions to maximize profitability.

The key to my success was realizing that finance isn’t just about the numbers.

It’s about being a trusted business partner that can explain the numbers.

Communicating what I see the numbers saying in a way that is not only easy to understand, but easy to see where the crucial pieces lie, is what I do best.

In my corporate positions, I would present well thought-out recommendations based on the data, and these recommendations would lead to changes that helped the department heads and company overall.

To give you an overview of the scope of my past work and accomplishments, I have the 10,000 hours (and then some) in the areas of:

• Budgeting
• Forecasting
• Profit and Loss Analysis and Management
• Cash Flow Management
• Balance Sheet Analysis
• Financial Project Management
• Headcount reporting
• Variance Analysis
• Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
A sample of some accomplishments:
• Creating new pricing models and analysis that increased revenue.
• Developing models and analysis that led to operational efficiency gains and expense reductions.
• Implementing annual budgets, projections, and strategic plans from ground-up.
• Improving forecasting accuracy, leading to decisions that resulted in revenue and expense targets being met or exceeded.
• Providing financial and operational insight to diverse business partners to keep budgets on target.
• Presenting complex financial information to large groups and various levels in organization, leading to financial and operational improvements.
• ROI, NPV, IRR and ad-hoc analysis for determining optimal decisions and risk avoidance on projects or lines of business.
• Creating business cases and proposals based on profitability targets and price sensitivity.
• Specialized analysis to drive increases in profitability
• Implementing new pricing structures for services organization, leading to doubling of revenue and profitability.
• Developing models for analyzing field staff billability and utilization, leading to 120% increase in revenue.
• Creating new analytics to track and forecast expenses that are tied to revenue performance, resulting in ability to increase profitability.

Companies I have worked for include Warner Bros. Entertainment, Pearson Education, Apollo Education Group, Avnet Technology Solutions.

Small Business Passion

I realized through a three-year period working as a finance manager for a smaller company (after years working for the large companies) that that I really enjoy playing a larger role in a small business.

In small business finance you must truly understand all aspects of the business. From sales to marketing to operations. This fits what I enjoy about business and finance, and it’s gratifying to see how small tweaks can lead to big rewards.

I realized also that I have something to offer that many small to mid-sized businesses probably ignore, yet need badly.

Not an Accountant, CPA, or Bookkeeper

Although I have studied accounting and worked closely with accounting my whole career, this is not my main area of expertise.

Accounting and bookkeeping is related to the recording of numbers in the business. Reporting on the past.

I analyze the numbers and determine actions that will benefit the company.

I read what the numbers are saying, uncovering their story and determining whether that story is working or needs to change.

I determine a future path for the numbers, and measure the progress towards reaching that plan.

These are skills that you need. And that should not be left up to the bookkeeper or accountant. It would be like leaving a medical operation up to a general physician rather than a specialized surgeon.

Sure, the physician may be able to pull it off, but wouldn’t you rather have the surgeon? (On the flip side, you wouldn’t leave the specialized field of accounting and bookkeeping up to me.)

As a Strategic Advisor for your business, I focus on bringing financial clarity to you, and on bringing strategies to grow through financial planning and analysis.

My Motivation

I want to help the mavericks, the people like you, who have a vision and made it happen by starting their own business.

Besides having the weight of you and your family’s livelihood on your shoulders, you have the weight of numerous people’s, making sure week after week you’re making payroll for your employees.

You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night wondering what cash flow will look like next month, and realizing you don’t have a crystal-clear picture.

Winging it, hoping for the best? That won’t cut it in the long run.

Planning and understanding numbers is vital for survival, growth, and success.

I want to make sure your business grows and expands, to ensure its health and prosperity. And I’ll do an exceptional job in doing so because I’ll know you personally and the challenges you face.

I’ll be on your team, wanting to win.

In owning a business there are many things that will keep you up in the middle of the night.

I’m here to make sure that understanding where you are financially and having a plan to grow is not one of those things.

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